Christina Pawlowitsch





Other writings

Academic Writing Workshop


NEW: Strategic manipulation in Bayesian Dialogues, forthcoming in Synthese

[2020] Making see: a structural analysis of mathematical and in particular game-theoretic writing. Narrative, Vol. 28, No. 3 (October 2020) 327-54.

[2012] with Michael L. Manapat, David G. Rand and Martin A. Nowak: Stochastic evolutionary dynamics resolve the Traveler's Dilemma, Journal of Theoretical Biology 303, 119-27.

[2011] with Panayotis Mertikopoulos and Nikolaus Ritt: Neutral stability, drift, and the differentiation of languages, Journal of Theoretical Biology 287, 1-12.

[2008] with Immanuel Bomze: One-third rules with equality: second-order evolutionary stability conditions in finite populations, Journal of Theoretical Biology 254, 616-20.

[2008] Why evolution does not always lead to an optimal signaling system, Games and Economic Behavior 63, 203-26.

[2007] Finite populations choose an optimal language, Journal of Theoretical Biology 249, 606-16.

Working papers

[-] The evolutionary dynamics of costly signaling (joint with Josef Hofbauer)

[-] Equilibrium refinement in signaling games as truth conditions of counterfactuals

Book projects

[-] Dialogues Aumanniens