Wolfgang Dietrich
Current Teaching Appointments and Itinerary

Summer Term 2017

April 2017

Universidad EAFIT Medellín/Colombia

La Filosofía de muchas paces

El sector privado en procesos de la paz

May/June 2017 

University of Cambridge/England

Transrational Peace Education

July/August 2017

MA Program for Peace Studies / University of Innsbruck

Introduction into Peace and Conflict Studies

Aspects of Negative Peace and Direct Violence

Cultures of Peaces

September 2017

Forum Ziviler Friedensdienste Cologne/Germany

The Five Peace Families

Facultade Centro Sul do Paraná/Brazil

Introduction into Peace and Conflict Studies

October 2017

University of Tiblisi /Georgia

Developing Curricula for Peace Studies in Georgia (PESTUGE)

Wolfgang Dietrich with Swami Veda Bharati, Stoma Parker and peace students of Innsbruck's 2007 summer term.
Last Update:  1. April 2017