• meetings 2018, you can find us...

    > 13th INPPO 2018,September 9.-12., Padova, Italy
    > 13th ENFC, August 18.-21., Stockholm, Sweden
    > 2st Austrian Plant Phenotyping Network (APPN) Meeting, April 17.-18., BOCU, Vienna/Tulln Austria
    > 4th general COST MEETING 2018 (Phenomen-all’ COST Action FA1306), March 20th-21th, Leuven, Belgium

  • [07-11-2017] New ARTICLE recently accepted
    N. Ranjbar, H.P. Kaul, G. Desalegn, S. Wienkoop
    Rhizobium Impacts on Seed Productivity, Quality and Protection of Pisum sativum Upon Disease Stress Caused by Didymella pinodes: phenotypic, proteomic and metabolomic traits.
    Frontiers in Plant Science. Plant Breeding
    Phenotyping at Plant and Cell Levels: The Quest for Tolerant Crop Development

  • REVIEW ARTICLE recently published
    E. Larrainzar & S. Wienkoop (2017)
    A proteomic view on the role of legume symbiotic interactions.
    Frontiers in Plant Science, Plant Proteomics

  • Congratulations Reinhard!!!!
    Reinhard Turetschek got a PhD (defensio at April 27th 2017)

  • Seminar at University of Vienna - Life Sciences

    Organized by the Plant-Systems Interaction group:
    Sebastian Schneider, Julian Preiner and Stefanie Wienkoop
    Dept. of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology

  • recently published
    > R. Turetschek, G.Desalegn, T. Epple, H.–P. Kaul and S. Wienkoop (2017).
    Key metabolic traits of Pisum sativum maintain cell vitality during Didymella pinodes infection: cultivar resistance and the microsymbionts´ influence.
    Journal of Proteomics

  • meetings 2017, you can find us...

    > Dec. 4.-7. miCROPe, International Symposium: Microbe-assisted crop production - opportunities, challenges and needs, Vienna Austria
    > 1st Austrian Plant Phenotyping Network (APPN) Meeting, March 10th, Vienna Austria
    > 3rd general COST MEETING 2017 (Phenomen-all’ COST Action FA1306), March 27th-29th, Oieras, Portugal
    > V International Conference on Analytical Proteomics, 3rd-6th July 2017, Caparica, Portugal

  • Internationale wissenschaftliche Tagnung Hochschule Anhalt (Anhalt University of Applied Scienses), Bernburg, 17.-18. Nov.2016
    Die Rolle der Bodenmikroorganismen bei der Ernährung der Kulturpflanzen
    Die Tagung fand anlässlich der erstmaligen Beschreibung der Symbiose zwischen Knöllchenbakterien und Erbsen vor 130 Jahren durch Professor Hermann Hellriegel statt.
    The symposium took plance on the occasion of the first description of the symbiosis between rhizobium and pea 130 years ago by Prof. Hermann Hellriegel.

  • Sebastian was winning the Poster award at the 2nd INPPO World Congress Sept.2016, Bratislava -

    "Establishment of a Mass Western approach linking quantitative subcellular protein and organelle distribution analyses of Pisum sativum cultivars upon pathogen attack"
    Sebastian Schneider, Reinhard Turetschek, Thomas Nägele, Ingeborg Lang and Stefanie Wienkoop

  • Congratulations Vlora!!!!
    Vlora Mehmeti-Tershani got a PhD (defensio at Sept. 8th 2016)

  • recently published
    > G.Desalegn, R. Turetschek, H.–P. Kaul and S. Wienkoop (2016). Microbial symbionts affect Pisum sativum proteome and metabolome under Didymella pinodes infection.
    Journal of Proteomics doi:10.1016/j.jprot.2016.03.018

    > D. Lyon, Ma.A. Castillejo, V. Mehmeti, C. Staudinger, S. Wienkoop (2016).
    Drought and recovery: independently regulated processes highlighting the importance of protein turnover dynamics and translational regulation in Medicago truncatula.
    Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

    > C. Staudinger, E. Gil, V. Mehmeti, E. M. González, F. Hofhansl, G. Bachmann, S. Wienkoop (2016).
    Evidence for a rhizobia-induced drought stress response strategy in Medicago truncatula.
    J Proteomics DOI: 10.1016/j.jprot.2016.01.006

  • Book Chapter:
    A Proteomic Workflow Using High-Throughput De Novo Sequencing Towards Complementation of Genome Information for Improved Comparative Crop Science

    Proteomics in Systems Biology – Methods & Protocols

  • Training School, University of Vienna, (at Mosys), 2016
    The use of mass spectrometry for molecular phenotyping
    Metabolomics – Measuring Metabolic Adaptation
    February 8th - 10th

  • meetings 2016
    > 2nd INPPO World Congress on Plant Proteomics 2016, Sept. 4th to 8th, Bratislava, Slovakia

    > 12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference 2016, Aug. 25. to 28th, Budapest, Hungary

    > 2nd general COST MEETING 2016 (Phenomen-all’ COST Action FA1306), April 18th to 20th, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • announcement
    > FWF funded doctoral program (DK plus) "Microbial Nitrogen Cycling" starting from January 1, 2016

    > Austria Presse Agentur (APA-science), Juli 2015:
    Bodenbakterien lassen Pflanzen langsamer altern

  • recently published
    > Review Article: The quest for tolerant varieties: the importance of integrating “omics” techniques to phenotyping. (2015) M Zivy, S Wienkoop, J Renaut, C Pinheiro, E Goulas, S Carpentier - Frontiers in Plant Science, 6: 448

    > Book Chapter: Physiological Responses of N2-Fixing Legumes to Water Limitation EM González, E Larrainzar, D Marino, S Wienkoop, E Gil-Quintana, C Arrese-Igor IN: Legume Nitrogen Fixation in a Changing Environment, 5-33, Springer International Publishing (2015)

  • meetings 2015
    1st General Meeting of the COST Action FA1306 'The quest for tolerant varieties - Phenotyping at plant and cellular level'
    June 22nd to 24th, 2015 Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Gatersleben (Germany)

    1st WP2 meeting "The quest for tolerant and stable varieties: the role of omics”
    COST Ation 1306 Food and Agriculture, February 26-27 2015 in Lisbon

    1st INPPO World Congress on Plant Proteomics in Hamburg, Aug. 31st – Sept. 4th 2014

  • Jorrin-Novo, J.V., Komatsu, S., Weckwerth, W., Wienkoop, S. (Eds.):

    Plant Proteomics – Methods & Protocols

  • 2014 Software tool "Protover" for protein turnover analysis of MS data:

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