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Roman Hoffmann
Department of Economic Sociology
University of Vienna
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Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1
A-1090 Vienna, Austria
E: roman.hoffmann@univie.ac.at
P: +43(0)1 4277 38316

Welcome to my website

I am research assistant at the Department of Economic Sociology and PhD student in economics at the University of Vienna. My main research interests lay in the fields of development economics with focus on health economics and microfinance. In my research I apply a mix of different empirical methods, including field experiments, survey methods, tools of social network analysis, and methods of longitudinal statistical data analysis.

My PhD project is about the impact and diffusion of community based health programs in developing countries, with special focus on a randomized trial evaluation of a local community health worker program in the Philippines. I conduct this health research project in cooperation with the Kasagana-Ka Development Center Inc. (KDCI), a non-profit social development organization that operates in impoverished neighborhoods in Metro Manila and the surrounding provincial areas. In February 2014 we conducted a baseline survey and in April 2015 a follow-up survey in the communities. In total, 1065 KDCI members were interviewed with standardized questionnaires during the follow-up survey.

Besides my dissertation, I am engaged in other research activities, such as a study on the determinants of group work effectiveness and a research project on the effects of education on disaster preparedness. Please see my curriculum vitae for further information: curriculum vitae