Here are scanned pages, in the form of jpg files, of the paper ``Boundary Conditions at Spatial Infinity from a Hamiltonian Point of View", which appeared in ``Topological Properties and Global Structure of Space-Time", ed. by P. Bergmann, V. de Sabbata, pp. 49-59, Plenum Press, New York 1986. The quality isn't great, but is should be legible. Unfortunately the files are rather large; further I do not know how to make a single easily accessible or printable file which would contain all of them. If you know how to reduce their size without losing legibility, and/or package them together in a single file which can be easily accessed and/or browsed and/or printed, send me an e-mail explaining how to do that.

 [the eleven pages in a uufiled file (1,6 M)] (this file, called ADM.uu, will unpack itself on unix-like systems into individual pages if you save it to your local disk retaining the name ADM.uu, and then issue the command "sh ADM.uu")

 [page 1 (143 K)]
 [page 2 (123 K)]
 [page 3 (113 K)]
 [page 4 (108 K)]
 [page 5 (95 K)]

If you are only interested in the proof that the ADM mass is a geometric invariant, you might wish to download only the last six pages:
 [page 6 (143 K)]
 [page 7 (105 K)]
 [page 8 (106 K)]
 [page 9 (77 K)]
 [page 10 (111 K)]
 [page 11 (77 K)]