Strong cosmic censorship in Gowdy space-times

On the dynamics of Gowdy space times

Author: Myeongju Chae, Piotr T. Chrusciel
Comments: gr-qc/0305029, 69 pages
We study the behavior near the singularity t=0 of Gowdy metrics. We prove existence of an open dense set $\hat \Omega$ of boundary points near which the solution is smoothly ``asymptotically velocity term dominated" (AVTD). We show that the set of AVTD solutions satisfying a uniformity condition is open in the set of all solutions. We analyse in detail the asymptotic behavior of ``power law" solutions at the (hitherto unchartered) points at which the asymptotic velocity equals zero or one. Several other related results are established.

Paper: PostScript (600 dpi, 844 K), or Pdf (436 K)

Cauchy horizons in Gowdy space times

Author: Piotr T. Chrusciel, Kayll Lake
Comments: gr-qc/0307088, 24 pages
We analyse exhaustively the structure of non-degenerate Cauchy horizons in Gowdy space-times, and we establish existence of a large class of non-polarized Gowdy space-times with such horizons.

Paper: PostScript (600 dpi, 443 K), or Pdf (256K)

You are invited to visit for calculations of the Kretschmann scalar in AVTD Gowdy space-times.