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My recent photos can be found at Facebook

My "Best Of" at YouTube:
* normal photography * infrared photography * astronomy photography *

Which photos in the gallery are new can be found in the news at the startpage.

Here you can find a small selection of my astrophotographic "masterpieces". Choose a category on the manu at the upper left area of the page. Then click on the small pictures to see a larger photo! The photos are sorted chronological from top (new) to bottom (old).

All photos were taken near Vienna/Austria, if not specified different.
Photos on 35mm-film were scanned with a slide scanner with 2700 dpi and reduced to about 700x470 pixels. Photos with the digitalcamera were reduced to about 700x525 pixels. Photos with the modified Logitech QuickCam are in original size of 352x288 pixels.

As I got my astronomical equipment (see Astronomy) in June 2000, my interests in astronomical photography increased also. But even before that I shot some astrophotos with normal photoequiment and a tripod. Everyone who has ever tried to take astronomical photos knows, that it is very difficult. My first results can be found here.

All rights on the pictures for publishing are at the author and the use of the pictures without permission is strongly forbidden.

Here a list of all my photos (8 MB HTML file in German).
A list of all published photos, pictures and articles can be found at Publicationes.

Calibrate your monitor:
You should see all shades of greyscales on the test image and the crosses in the right fields should be visible (turn the contrast of your monitor to max. and adjust the brightness).

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