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Research interests

My primary research interest is in Mathematical Optimisation, with the main focuses being on Copositive Optimisation, Conic Optimisation and Polynomial Optimisation. I am also interested in Matrix Analysis.

Whilst at Cambridge I studied theoretical physics, being interested in the subject in general, rather than any specific areas. I tend to have an interest in anything and everything.

Short biography

I was born in Ealing, London in 1985, however I grew up mainly in Croxley Green, which is in a beautiful area on the outskirts of London. As an undergraduate I studied at Queens' College, Cambridge University, where I received an MSc in Natural Sciences in 2007. After this I spent about nine months travelling around Australia, working primarily in bars and as a scuba diver. From May 2009 until April 2013 I studied as a PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Groningen, with the Systems, Control and Applied Analysis Research Programme. My supervisor during this was Prof. Dr. Mirjam Dür. I defended my PhD thesis on Friday 12th April 2013 and received a cum laude distinction for it. This distinction is only awarded to the top 5% of PhD theses. At the beginning of May 2013 I began a PostDoc position at the University of Vienna, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bomze.