TailoreD Hybrid Structures


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Univ.-Prof.Dr.Paola Ayala

Berta Karlik Professor

Tailored Hybrid Structures

EPM-Faculty of Physics

University of Vienna


MY group

The focus of my research is oriented to the application of tailored carbon structures with a predefined on-wall functionalization. My group “Tailored Hybryd Structures” (THS) works on the  production and spectroscopy of filled and substitutionally-doped  carbon nanotubes. At a large scale, we expect to contribute to the physics of strongly correlated phenomena in materials. We also aim at contributing to fields that urge positive results from nanoresearch such as biological systems and the environment.   Various Spectroscopy techniques such as Raman, Photoemission, ultraviolet Photoemission, Optics, Fluorescence and High Energy Spectroscopy (involving X-ray absorption and angle-resolved photoemission) are among my fields of expertise.




I hold the position of Berta Karlik Professor at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna. I have been awarded grants from the Brazilian Research Funding Agency (CNPq), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the prestigious European Union IEF Marie-Curie Fellowship.   I am one of the Regional Associate Editors of the Journal Materials Express in Europe. As the first woman from my birth country who was awarded a PhD degree in Physics, I have represented Ecuador for several years at the Working group of Women in Physics of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.    I have recently been delegated to represent Austria. Although I have had to resign it due to my work in Europe, I was also honoured with a Prometeo Research Grant from SENESCyT Ecuador.

Professional Profile