Univ. Prof. Dr. Markus Arndt

Quantum Nanophysics & Molecular Quantum Optics

Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna
Boltzmanngasse 5, A-1090 Wien, Austria
Office:  +43 (0)1 4277 51205 (secr.)
Fax   :  +43 (0) 1 4277 9512 
e-mail: markus.arndt(at)univie.ac.at


Research interests

·     Quantum optics, diffraction and interference with biomolecules & nanoparticles

·     Quantum decoherence & explorations of quantum linearity

·     Quantum-enhanced metrology 

·     Biomolecules and nanoparticles: Beam methods, cooling, trapping


Curriculum vitae

Complete list of publications


Selected Publications in Molecular Quantum  Nanophysics

·     Markus Arndt  & Christian Brand
Interference of atomic clocks.
Science 349, 1168-1169 (2015)

·     Christian Brand,  Michele Sclafani, Christian Knobloch, Yigal Lilach, Thomas Juffmann,  Jani Kotakoski, Clemens Mangler, Andreas Winter, Andrey Turchanin, Jannik Meyer, Ori Cheshnovsky& Markus Arndt
An atomically thin matter-wave beamsplitter
Nature Nanotechnology (2015), doi:10.1038/nnano.2015.179

·     Stefan Kuhn, Peter Asenbaum, Alon Kosloff, Michele Sclafani, Benjamin, A. Stickler, Stefan Nimmrichter, Klaus Hornberger, Ori Cheshnovsky, Fernando Patolsky, Markus Arndt
Cavity-assisted manipulation of freely rotating silicon nanorods in high vacuum
Nano Letters (2015), DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b02302

·     J. P. Cotter, S. Eibenberger, L. Mairhofer, X. Cheng, P. Asenbaum,  M. Arndt,
K. Walter, S. Nimmrichter& K. Hornberger
Coherence in the presence of absorption and heating in a molecule interferometer
Nature Communications 6, 7336 (2015)

·       N. Dörre, J. Rodewald, P. Geyer, B. von Issendorff, P. Haslinger, M. Arndt,
Photofragmentation Beam Splitters for Matter-Wave Interferometry
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 233001 (2014)

·       Sandra Eibenberger, Xiaxi Cheng, J.P. Cotter, Markus Arndt
Absolute absorption cross sections from photon recoil in a matter-wave interferometer
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 250402 (2014)

·       Markus Arndt & Klaus Hornberger
Insight review: Testing the limits of quantum mechanical superpositions
Nature Physics 10, 271-277 (2014).

·       Peter Asenbaum, Stefan Kuhn, Stefan Nimmrichter, Ugur Sezer, Markus Arndt
Cavity cooling of free silicon nanoparticles in high vacuum
Nature Communications 4, 2743 (2013). 

·         Philipp Haslinger, Nadine Dörre, Philipp Geyer, Jonas Rodewald, Stefan Nimmrichter & Markus Arndt
A universal matter-wave interferometer with optical ionization gratings in the time domain

Nature Physics  9, 144–148 (2013).

·         Thomas Juffmann, Adriana Milic, Michael Müllneritsch, Peter Asenbaum, Alexander Tsukernik,
Jens Tüxen, Marcel Mayor, Ori Cheshnovsky & Markus Arndt,
Real-time single-molecule imaging of quantum interference
Nature Nanotechnology, 7, 297–300 (2012).

·         K. Hornberger, S. Gerlich, P. Haslinger, S. Nimmrichter and M. Arndt
Colloquium: Quantum interference of clusters and molecules
Rev. Mod. Phys. 84, 157-173 (2012)

·         Markus Arndt
Coherence from spontaneity
Nature Physics 7, 375–376 (2011). (N&V)

·         Stefan Gerlich, Sandra Eibenberger, mathias Tomandl, Stefan Nimmrichter, Klaus Hornberger,
Paul J. Fagan, Jens Tüxen, marcel Mayor, and Markus Arndt
Quantum interference of large organic molecules

Nature Communications 2, 263 (2011).

·         Thomas Juffmann, Stefan Truppe, Philipp Geyer, Sarayut Deachapunya,
Hendrik Ulbricht and Markus Arndt
Wave and Particle in Molecular Interference Lithography
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 263601 (2009).  

·         Stefan Gerlich, Michael Gring, Hendrik Ulbricht, Klaus Hornberger, Jens Tüxen,
Marcel Mayor and  Markus Arndt
Matter-Wave Metrology as a Complementary Tool for Mass Spectrometry
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 47, 6195 –6198 (2008).

·         Stefan Gerlich, Lucia Hackermüller, Klaus Hornberger, Alexander Stibor, Hendrik Ulbricht,
Fabienne Goldfarb, Tim Savas, Marcel Müri, Marcel Mayor and Markus Arndt
A Kapitza-Dirac-Talbot-Lau interferometer for highly polarizable molecules
Nature Physics 3, 711 - 715 (2007).

·         Markus Arndt
Coherence in molecular nitrogen
Nature Physics 1, 19 –20 (2005). (N&V)

·         Lucia Hackermüller, Klaus Hornberger, Björn Brezger, Anton Zeilinger and Markus Arndt
Decoherence of matter waves by thermal emission of radiation
Nature 427, 711–714 (2004).

·         Lucia Hackermüller, Stefan Uttenthaler, Klaus Hornberger, Elisabeth Reiger, Björn Brezger,
Anton Zeilinger and Markus Arndt
The wave nature of biomolecules and fluorofullerenes
Phys. Rev. Lett 91, 90408 (2003).

·         Klaus Hornberger, Stefan Uttenthaler, Björn Brezger, Lucia Hackermüller, Markus Arndt
and Anton Zeilinger
Observation of Collisional Decoherence in Interferometry
Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 160401 (2003).

·         Björn Brezger, Lucia Hackermüller, Stefan Uttenthaler, Julia Petschinka, Markus Arndt
and Anton Zeilinger
Matter-wave interferometer for large molecules
Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 100404 (2002).

·         Olaf Nairz, Björn Brezger Markus Arndt and Anton Zeilinger:
Diffraction of Complex Molecules by Structures Made of Light
Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 160401 (2001).

·         Markus Arndt, Olaf Nairz, Julian Voss-Andreae, Claudia Keller, Gerbrand van der Zouw
and Anton Zeilinger
Wave-particle duality of C60 molecules
Nature 401, 680-682 (1999).




Early research subjects 


Ultra cold collisions of Cs atoms ( ENS, Paris )

·         Markus Arndt, Maxime Ben Dahan, David Guéry-Odelin, Meritt Reynolds and Jean Dalibard:
Observation of a zero energy resonance in Cs-Cs collisions
Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 625-629 (1997)

Atom optics in the time domain  ( ENS, Paris

·        Pascal Szriftgiser, David Guéry-Odelin, Markus Arndt, Jean Dalibard:
Atomic wave diffraction and interference using temporal slits
Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 4-7 (1996)

Trapping and spectroscopy of atoms in liquid and solid helium ( MPQ, Garching

·        M. Arndt, S. I. Kanorsky, A. Weis, T. W. Hänsch:
Long electronic spin relaxation times of Cs atoms in solid 4-He
Phys. Rev. Lett. 74,  1359-1362(1995)

Microwave Ionization of Rb-Rydberg atoms & Experimental quantum chaology (
LMU, Munich )

·         M. Arndt, A. Buchleitner, R.N. Mantegna, H. Walther:
Experimental Study of Quantum and Classical Limits in Microwave Ionization of
Rubidium Rydberg Atoms

Phys. Rev. Lett. 67, 2435-38 (1991)