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Stellar evolution

High-energy radiation from solar-like main-sequence (MS) stars decays over time as a result of stellar spin-down. The early Sun’s X-ray (≈ 1 − 100 Å) and extreme-ultraviolet (EUV; ≈ 100 − 900 Å) emissions could thus have exceeded the present-day Sun’s level by orders of magnitude

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Thermal Conduction Model & Open Source

To simulate the jets from a comet, lots of pores within dust layer also irregular shape which make 3D thermal model to be essential. We use 3D ray-tracing developed by Monte Carlo to get the correct shadow area on each facet...


X-ray and EUV stellar evolutionary radiation data

We use a rotation model combined with Siess model, Spada model to get a best approaching to the whole path tracing to stellar evolution history. To develope a stellar radiation evolutionary history, all you need is ...


This website includes:

  • Some introductions of stellar evolution and non-thermal atmospheric loss
  • stellar evolution
  • Magnetic field and Plasma Environment near planets
  • Some simulations and results
  • Some slides

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