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I am currently working on my habilitation project proposal on data practices in the computational social sciences, which will feature a cooperation with Jürgen Pfeffer (School of Governance, TU Munich), and Josep Perelló (Open Systems, Uni Barcelona).

Furthermore I am acting as expert and rapporteur in the European “Mutual Learning Exercise” (Policy Support Facility) on open science.

I am associated with the University of Vienna research platform “Responsible Research and Innovation in Academic Practice“.

This semester I will be teaching a course on Citizen Social Science at the School of Governance, Technical University Munich (www.citizensocialscience.de). Moreover, I am regularly teaching at the Department of Social Studies of Science and Technology and the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna and at the MA program WebSciences at the Art Academy Linz. My research interests are manifold: open science, scientific visualization and imagination practices, the various enactments of social scientific knowledge, science communication, computer machine interfaces, information retrieval, new digital methodologies, social and semantic networks… Since 2015 I am an active member the Austrian Open Access Network OANA and of the Open Knowledge working group on Open Science (Austrian chapter).

Until 2014 my job as research associate of the president of the ERC included finding appropriate digital methods to map European Social Science and Humanities’ activities. From 2009-2011 I was working at the Information Retrieval Facility, and from 2005 - 2007 I was employed in an Austrian Science Fund research project on “The Materiality and Temporality of Performative Speech-Acts” at the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna. During the 1990s I worked at Public Netbase - Institute for New Cultural Technologies, which later became the World Information Institute. My PhD thesis, “Imag(in)ing Networks” (working title was: “Performative truths: images as affective evidences”) covered epistemic visualization practices in Social Network Analysis.

Besides, I was freelancing ….



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If you want to contact me, please do so via this address: katjes [ at ] abwesend.de