Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute

Katharine is invited as a speaker to the 17th annual Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute, to be held at the University of Oxford (UK) from June 29 to July 10. She will participate in the panel Media Policy Institutions and Actors. The panel will be moderated by Krisztina Rozgonyi, who is a member of Katharine’s Media Goverance and Industries Research group.

Full Programme [PDF]

Katharine organises panel at IS4IS Summit Vienna 2015

The International Society for Information Studies (ISIS) holds a conference every two years. The IS4IS Summit Vienna 2015 is the first conference of that kind. It is organised under the guidance of the current president of ISIS, Wolfgang Hofkirchner. The conference will take place at the Vienna University of Technology from June 3-7, 2015.

As part of the IS4IS Summit Vienna 2015, Katharine is organising a panel entitled The governance of information freedom in crisis: Democracy, resistance and control. The panel is scheduled for June 5 at 2pm at the Freihaus building (2nd floor, room number FH3) of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).

Venue overview
Programme overview (June 5)

This panel is debating the nexus of Information freedom and multifaceted crisis through the prism of governance processes. Crisis is many, involving not merely a financial malfunctioning of the European economies but ultimately a breakdown of the contract between State and citizens, a multiple crisis of a political as well as social dimension. Not necessarily always intertwined, economic-driven crisis has given rise to an exacerbation of distrust and crisis in the legitimacy of political architectures within national boundaries, i.e. distrust in national parliaments for example, but also other core institutions, such as the media, as well as in supranational institutions, in particular the EU polity. The panel aims to discuss on an empirical and theoretical level, the ways in which these dynamics have led to a complex reality of the governance of information freedom, whereby important struggles for control over ‘communicative spaces’ are taking place. These struggles involve civil society actors, in the form of social movements, collectivities and other forms of associative politics that aim to construct, protect and sustain spaces for free information flow amidst severe restrictions of an economic and political nature. The panel explores specific national contexts  (Turkey, Greece, Spain, Romania, Hungary) to argue that these not only do not constitute isolated, ‘bizarre’ or ‘exceptional’ cases but actually pivotal cases in the current governance of freedom of expression.

Further information can be accessed here.

Katharine part of organising committee at the ‘Media, Communication System and Sustainable Development’ conference

The Panteion University of Athens (Greece) is organising the conference Media, Communication System and Sustainable Development, which will be held between May 6-8.

As part of the organising committee, Katharine will organise a panel on ‘The role of mass media in sustainable democracy in times of crisis’. Furthermore, she is invited to present her work on ‘Institutional and legal frameworks for sustainable protection of human rights in communication’.

Katharine delivers keynote at ComLoc 2015

Katharine is invited to give a keynote speech at the ComLoc 2015. XIII Congress of Local Communication, to be held at the Universitat Jaume I, Castellón de la Plana, Spain. Her talk is entitled ‘Public Media in Europe: Model diversity and common challenges in public service for citizens’.

The conference will be a three day-event from April 15-17. The full conference programme is available on the ComLoc website.

Katharine invited to speak at ELTE BTK Institute of Art Theory and Media Studies in Budapest

Katharine has been invited to give a lecture on ‘Governing Freedom: Challenges to media and communication rights in Europe’ at the ELTE BTK Institute of Art Theory and Media Studies, Department of Media and Communication in Budapest, Hungary.

The lecture is open to the public and scheduled for Thursday, February 12 from 4-5:30 pm. Further information can be accessed below.

Information on the lecture
Official Flyer
Link to ELTE


Katharine at International Conference on ‘Free Access on Information’ in Prague

The Czech Ministry of Interior has invited Katharine to give a talk at the International Conference on ‘Free Access on Information – Right of Free Access to Information vs. Protection of Information’. The one-day conference will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, on November 27.

Katharine will be the representative for the Republic of Austria discussing the Constitutional Reform on Freedom of Information in Austria.

Nachwuchstagung Medien Denken

Katharine is invited to the Nachwuchstagung ‘Medien Denken’, set to take place on October 30-31 and organised by Mediologie @ Wien, a research community at the University of Vienna. She will present her keynote entitled “What matters? ‘doing’ media governance with ignorance”, which will be part of the panel ‘Medien der Moderne’ (Media of the modern era).