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Ass.-Prof. Dr. Karl F. Doerner

Zimmer 181 (Bauteil II, 1. Stock)
Sprechstunde Montag, 14-15 Uhr
Telefon +43-1-4277-38113
Fax +43-1-4277-38094
E-Mail karl.doerner@univie.ac.at


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Dissertationen, Diplomarbeiten

Studierende, die eine Dissertation oder Diplomarbeit aus dem Bereich Logistik und Transport schreiben möchten, ersuche ich um Kontaktaufnahme in der Sprechstunde oder per E-Mail.

Recent Publications

  1. SCHILDE, M., DOERNER, K.F., HARTL, R.F. (2011): "Metaheuristics for the dynamic stochastic dial-a-ride problem with expected return transports". to appear: Computers & Operations Research

  2. GUSMAGG-PFLIEGL E., TRICOIRE, F., DOERNER, K., HARTL, R., IRNICH, S. (2011): "Heuristics for a real-world mail delivery problem". to appear: LNCS EvoTRANSLOG

  3. KRITZINGER, Stefanie, TRICOIRE, Fabien, DOERNER, Karl F., HARTL, Richard (2010): "Variable Neighborhood Search for the Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows". to appear: LNCS LION2011

  4. RATH, Stefan, DOERNER, Karl, GUTJAHR Walter (2010): "Warehouse location routing problem for disaster relief". to appear: MIC 2009 Post Conf. Volume
  5. PARRAGH Sophie, CORDEAU, Jean-Francois, DOERNER, Karl, HARTL, Richard F. (2010): "Models and Algorithms for the Heterogeneous Dial-a-Ride Problem with Driver Related Constraints". to appear: OR Spectrum
  6. DOERNER, Karl, SCHMID Verena (2010): "Survey: Matheuristics for Rich Vehicle Routing Problems". to appear: LNCS HM2010

  7. STRODL, Johannes, DOERNER, Karl F., TRICOIRE, Fabien, HARTL, Richard (2010): "On index structures in hybrid metaheuristics for routing problems with hard feasibility checks: an application to the 2-dimensional loading vehicle routing problem". to appear: LNCS HM2010

  8. PARRAGH, Sophie, DOERNER, Karl, HARTL, Richard (2010): "Demand Responsive Transportation". to appear: Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management

  9. SCHMID, Verena, DOERNER, Karl (2009): "Ambulance Relocation Models with Time-dependent Travel Times". to appear: European Journal of Operational Research

  10. NOLZ, Pamela, DOERNER, Karl, HARTL, Richard (2009): "Water Distribution in Disaster Relief". to appear: International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management


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Dr. Karl F. Doerner
Universität Wien
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