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Caribbean Unbound IV – Reconceiving Hispaniola

Franklin College Switzerland will be hosting the fourth biennial Lugano Conference of Caribbean Literature and Culture, “The Caribbean Unbound IV – Reconceiving Hispaniola”, from April 2 to April 4. The conference will be held on the Sorengo (Lugano) Kaletsch campus of the College. The three-day conference will officially kick off with Jean-Claude Fignolé’s keynote address, “Marvelous Realism, or the Metamorphosis of the Real?” at 18:00 on Thursday evening, April 2. The keynote address will be conducted in French and translated into English. That will be followed by a reception in his honor and a film after the reception. The reception is generously sponsored by the Franklin College Alumni Council. The following two days will offer a wide selection of inter-disciplinary topics exploring the history, politics, art, literature, religion, film, music of the Caribbean and more specifically of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Panels will be primarily held in English, but with some in French and Spanish.

This year’s keynote speaker will be the acclaimed Haitian novelist Jean-Claude Fignolé. Fignolé, together with the Haitian writers Franketienne and René Philocète, is the co-founder of the Haitian literary movement, “Spiralisme.” Besides his first two novels, Les Possédés de la pleine lune (Seuil, 1987) and Aube tranquille (Seuil,1990), he also published Moi, Toussaint Louverture in Montreal (Plume & Ancre) in 2004. From 1990 to 2000, Fignolé wrote a column for Haiti’s oldest and largest daily newspaper, Le Nouvelliste. In January, 2008, Fignolé published Une heure pour l’éternité with Parisian publisher Sabine Wespieser. Having been a teacher as well as an art critic, Jean-Claude Fignolé is also the mayor of Les Abricots, a small village in southwestern Haiti.

The Franklin College Conference on Caribbean Literature and Culture was first organized some six years ago by Dr. Robert H. McCormick, Jr., Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at Franklin College. At previous conferences keynote speakers were Antonio Benítez-Rojo, J. Michael Dash and Maryse Condé. Multi-cultural in conception, the conference has grown to global dimensions. This year, literary and cultural scholars from prestigious academic institutions as near as Bern and as far away as Louisiana and Martinique will be participating.