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Network Maps

Metro and rapid transit maps are correct as of April 2014.

Metro (U-Bahn)

Plan (C) Horst Prillinger 
Large map
(PNG, 24K)
Plan (C) Horst Prillinger 
Geographical map
(PNG, 16K)

Metro and rapid transit

Plan (C) Horst Prillinger
City only
(PNG, 151K)
Plan (C) Horst Prillinger
high resolution
(PNG, 400K)
Plan (C) Horst Prillinger
Entire network
excluding regional rail
(PNG, 82K)

Note to publishers:
The city metro and rapid transit map can be used free of charge through a CC license, provided that the map remains unchanged and the author/copyright notice is included. A vector-graph version is available upon request. Please contact me for details.
If you need customized versions of this map, please contact me.

Tramway network

Plan (C) Horst Prillinger
Complete tramway map
(PNG, 103K)

Spoof Maps

English Vienna Metro map (free translation)
English Vienna Metro map (serious)
German London Underground map