U and U11 stock is stationed at two major depots, where also maintenance work and minor repairs are carried out; these are at Wasserleitungswiese (between Spittelau and Heiligenstadt) and Erdberg. Wasserleitungswiese depot maintains trains used on lines U1 and U4, Erdberg depot those of lines U2 and U3. Minor depots are at Kagran (U1), Hütteldorf (U4) and Ottakring (U3). Line U2 only has two sidings at either end of the line.

E6/c6 and T stock is stationed at two depots, one at Michelbeuern and another at Rösslergasse (between Alterlaa and Erlaaer Strasse).

Erdberg depot (WVB)
Michelbeuern depot (WVB)
Main Depot Minor Depot Sidings
U1 Wasserleitungswiese Leopoldau Reumannplatz (4)
Taubstummengasse (1)
Praterstern (2)
Kagraner Platz (2)
U2 Erdberg Seestadt Karlsplatz (2+1)
Schottentor (1)
Prater-Messe (1)
Stadion (2)
U3 Erdberg Ottakring Johnstrasse (1)
Westbahnhof (1)
Volkstheater (1)
Landstrasse (1)
Simmering (4)
U4 Wasserleitungswiese Hütteldorf Schwedenplatz (1)
Karlsplatz (1)
Margaretengürtel (1)
Meidling Hauptstr. (1)
Hietzing (1)
U6 Michelbeuern Rösslergasse Floridsdorf (4)
Philadelphiabrücke (2)
Westbahnhof (1)
Siebenhirten (2)

Main overhauls are carried out at the Hauptwerkstätte Simmering (Simmering Works -- no, it's not a joke, that's really the name of the place). Since there is no connection to the metro network, defective trains have to be transported there via railway. E6/c6 and T/T1 stock can reach it via the tram network.

T stock at Rösslergasse depot (WVB)
U11 stock at Wasserleitungswiese (WVB)