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The Curry Map



1st district
  India Gate [T]
  Indien Village [T]
  Koh-i-noor [T]
  Nirvana [T]
  Om [T]
  Tandoor Plus [T]
2nd district
  Bollyfood [T]
  Thali [T]
  Zum Inder [T]
3rd district
  Delhi Delights [T]
  Indus [T]
  Sreeja [T]
4th disctrict
  Curry Up [T]
  Demi-Tass [T]
  Taste of India [T]
5th disctrict
  Colombo Hoppers [T]
  Nam Nam Deli [T]
6th district
  Indian Pavilion [T]
  Indisches El Dorado [T]
  Mc. Curry [T]
  Mirchi [T]
  Nam Nam [T]
  Rani [T]
  Shalimar [T]
7th district
  Bombay [T]
  Elefant & Castle [T]
  Jyoti [T]
  Namaste [T]
  Natraj-5 [T]
  Prosi Food Magic [T]
  Zum Moghulhof [T]
8th district
  Curry-Insel [T]
  Mahal [T]
  Samrat [T]
9th district
  Heilige Kuh [T]
  Jaipur Palace [T]
  Tulsi [T]
  Wiener Deewan [T]
  Wiener Village [T]
12th district
  Claire's [T]
16th/17th district
  Arjuna [T]
  Restaurant Heuberg [T]
18th/19th district
  Goa [T]
  Tandoor [T]
21st/22nd district
  Monsoon [T]
  Haveli [T]
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The best of the pack...

Beware: the following list is highly subjective! These restaurants serve curries as I like them and provide an atmosphere that I like. I do not take any responsibility that you will like the place and/or the food. Try them at your own risk.

Restaurant Why? Caveat Price category
Demi-Tass Excellent food, exotic and mouthwatering chef's creations, impressive interior, professional service. Expensive. Reservation is recommended. Expensive
Curry-Insel Excellent food, very friendly service. A bit trendy; Reservation is recommended. Inexpensive
Indian Pavilion Excellent food. A stall on the Naschmarkt market, closed in the evening, lack of seats around noon, very small portions. Inexpensive
Jaipur Palace Excellent food. None. Moderate
Samrat Excellent food. Some dishes rather rich in butter. Moderate

Really hot

I like hot curries, but only in the following restaurants have I ever been served a really hot curry when I ordered one - in alphabetical order:
Bombay | Curry-Insel | Heilige Kuh | Mirchi | Nam Nam | Sreeja

In all other restaurants the dishes marked as "hot" on the menu and ordered "really very hot, please" were served mild or only moderately spicy.

Indian restaurant basics - the Vienna situation

A number of things you should know before entering an Indian restaurant in Vienna:

  • With only a few exceptions, dishes are generally not as hot and spicy as in the United Kingdom or other countries with a larger Indian population. In fact, if you are not insisting that you want your meal really spicy, in most restaurants you will barely ever taste a trace of chili or black pepper.

  • Typically, the hot dishes are the Madras and the Vindaloo. If you want mild food, stay clear of them. Don't ask the waiter how hot it is; this will result in a mild dish. Generally it is safe to order "sehr scharf" (very hot) if you're used to hot food; a Viennese "extremely hot" is slightly milder than a British "medium hot".

  • Unlike the general custom in Austria, most Indian restaurants will charge for the cover (about €1, more or less). In some restaurants you'll get a free poppadom or mango vodka for it. Check the menu to see if a cover charge applies.

  • In Austria, it's customary to round up the bill so that the waiter gets roughly a 10% tip even though service charges are usually included in the price. Not giving a tip or giving only copper coins is considered an insult, so do this only if you were very unhappy with your meal.

  • Many restaurants offer set lunches or lunch buffet at greatly reduced prices. I find that the quality of the buffet lunch is usually not as good as the à la carte food, while the set lunches are often okay. Still, you'll recognize good Indian restaurants by the number of patrons they can attract in the evening, when prices are high.

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