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January 17, 2005

I am sorry to announce that this weblog has been closed for the time being. There will not be any more updates in the foreseeable future. Please note that for anti-spam reasons, all trackbacks have also been disabled.

The Evil Empire has been tracking Microsoft's security leaks and dirty business tactics since 1999, first on a BBS (magnetCity), then on a website with static, hand-coded pages, and during the past few years using Movable Type weblogging software. It was a weblog when that term did not even exist yet.

When it started, the vulnerability and unreliability of Microsoft software was known only to a few insiders. This website wanted to change that. Now, five years later, enough other media are reporting the flaws and security leaks on an almost weekly basis, and to many, "Microsoft" and "security risk" have become almost synonymous. My priorities and interests have changed over the years, and now seems a good a time as any to stop with this site, start something new, and let other sites continue this work.

The archive will remain online for future research, and the RSS feed will remain alive, so if you remain subscribed to it, you will be notified in case I change my mind and resume work on this site.

No matter how long you've been following us, thanks for your visits and your support.

The discussion of my life, the universe and everything continues on my other weblog, The Aardvark Speaks. See you there, perhaps?

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