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August 03, 2008

La muette

WegweiserIf you are ever in the French town of Arles and follow the ubiquitous signposts that direct you to the hotel "La Muette", you will, in the following two hours, get to know pretty much the entire town, without ever arriving at said hotel. You will also experience a few disorienting moments, such as being confronted with a signpost that points into the direction from which you just came, which will happen repeatedly during your walk.

Fortunately I didn't have to find the hotel myself, I merely followed the signs out of curiosity because, as I said, they were everywhere, and I wanted to know what a hotel looks like that has invested so much money into signposts. However, I never found the hotel, and I started wondering if it even exists. The deeper I ventured into the mediaeval city center, the more it seemed that the signposts were some form of Rosicrucian conspiracy, or maybe "La muette" is simply a code for a city tour, or maybe the person who mounted the signs was just totally incompetent.

Google claims that the hotel exists. After having extensively perused the signposts, I cannot vouch for the validity of this information.

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Jann said on August 5, 2008 08:02 AM:

I think this is a small hotel, and no doubt fully booked this time of year. Possibly they don't want the tranquility of the guests marred by tourists wandering in and asking about room availability, or anything else for that matter. So they deliberately put the signs wrong. This would account for why there are so many of them; if you want to misdirect people, you have to put up enough signs to ensure that they don't find the place by accident. I bet the Charlie Eppes character, (from the TV series "Mumb3rs"), could, by analyzing the number, placement, and direction indicated by the signs,come up with a mathematical formula that would show exactly where this hotel is. It would have something to do with the idea that the closer one got to the hotel, the more signs one would encounter directing one away from the hotel. Or something like that. ;-)

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