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February 05, 2008

Speaking of qualifications

I'm still writing on the thesis about libraries and weblogs that I mentioned about a year ago, only the difference now as compared to a year ago is that there is a submission deadline, which is in exactly 21 days. This means that apart from a slight unwillingness and a minor case of writer's block, I am now also under substantial pressure to finish it in time. Having initially been told an incorrect page limit (128,000 characters rather than 180,000 characters) didn't particularly help either.

Anyway, during my research I came across two articles on librarians' weblogs that mention my weblog specifically, and one of them also mentions that I don't write about library-related things a lot. Which is true, I guess. I've been thinking about this, and have come up with three possible explanations:

  1. When it comes to library-related information, many others are doing it already more comprehensively than I could, even if I had the time, and there's no point repeating anything just for the sake of having your own library weblog.
  2. The number of stories from the library that are actually worth telling is very small. From this number I have to subtract the stories that can't really be published because people might recognize themselves in it and sue me. Both our customers and the powers that be seem to have lost all sense of humour over the past few years. This leaves the number of library stories that I can tell without repercussions at the current rate of about one per year. Sad, but true.
  3. Lastly, there is the following explanation, which is drawn right out of Heinrich Böll's short story "Der Lacher" ("The Laughing Man"), and which makes perfect sense:
    [...] der Melker ist froh, wenn er die Kuh, der Maurer glücklich, wenn er den Mörtel vergessen darf, und die Tischler haben zu Hause meistens Türen, die nicht funktionieren, oder Schubkästen, die sich nur mit Mühe öffnen lassen. Zuckerbäcker lieben saure Gurken, Metzger Marzipan, und der Bäcker zieht die Wurst dem Brot vor; Stierkämpfer lieben den Umgang mit Tauben, Boxer werden blass, wenn ihre Kinder Nasenbluten haben [...].
    In other words, I am separating my work and my writing.

So now you know. This is still a librarian's weblog though, no matter what you think.

Posted by Horst on February 5, 2008 04:24 PM to books & bookkeeping | Tell-a-friend
Jann said on February 10, 2008 12:03 AM:

On my home computer, I have your blog bookmarked.
I like to take another look on my coffee break at work, and as I don't bookmark non-work-related things on my work computer, I get to this page by typing "The Aardvark Speaks" into Google.
What comes up is "Random thoughts and ramblings on libraries, politics, food, the Internet and personal stuff by Horst Prillinger, a librarian from Vienna, Austria." So, you see, I could never forget that you are a librarian ;-)

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