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January 03, 2008

Nasal injuries

Recent observations have led me to believe that something is going to happen, and I'm afraid it might involve me receiving a nasal injury of some sort. There is this Monty Python sketch where you can see numerous people with bandaged noses coming out of a department store, which is then shown to even have a "Nasal Injuries Hall", only to immediately reveal the reason why so many people hurt their noses.

Person with a bandaged nose leaving department store   Shop floor plan from Monty Python sketch

During the past week I have seen more people with bandaged noses than I have seen during the entire previous year. No, make that the previous five years. Overall, since the 26th of December, I have counted five bandaged noses in Vienna, and when I took a brief trip to Venice before New Year's Eve, I encountered four people with bandaged noses there too. That makes nine bandaged noses. I already felt a bit uneasy after the first three of them, because that would have been a lot more bandaged noses than you usually see over such a short period of time, but nine is positively terrifying.

You're probably aware how we only notice things around us when they concern us directly. Like, pregnant women tell me that they see nothing but pregnant women in the streets all the time, and when I broke my arm a few years ago, I saw arms in plastercasts everywhere. The problem is that right now, my nose isn't bandaged. At least not yet. Very obviously, something is happening somewhere that is causing nasal injuries, and unlike the Monty Python sketch, I have no idea what it is and where. I only have the very uncomfortable feeling that I might be one of the next victims.

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dieter said on January 4, 2008 10:55 AM:

You should stop worrying about it. In my view that is definitely one of the mishaps that are more likely to occur the more you think about them. Your concern makes you nervous and you start moving clumsily and thus...

By the way, bandaged noses nowadays are likely to be caused by cosmetic surgery.

Jann said on January 4, 2008 03:47 PM:

I hadn't thought of that, dieter, but it makes sense. Lots of people having their "deviated septums" repaired, perhaps?

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