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September 06, 2007

Why this blog was offline

Things are happening that I can't write about, which is annoying. The only things I can write about are boring. And then every once in a while it happens that I don't want to be googled by somebody. Not that it would change a thing if I remove my page, because Google has that nasty cache, but it still feels safer to do it anyway. I need a pseudonym or something.

Posted by Horst on September 6, 2007 10:30 PM to metablogging | Tell-a-friend
Klaus said on September 8, 2007 10:45 AM:

Jann said on September 9, 2007 05:30 AM:

I'm constantly amazed by the information available on Google. Case in point: simply by googling a certain version of my first and last name, one can find my home address and email address without even clicking on the provided link. It's just there! Another version of my first and last name yields my work address, work phone number, fax number, and work email address; although this requires clicking on the link and a bit of scrolling. None of this has caused any problems for me, but it only takes one person with some strange ideas...

If I had a blog, I think I would use a different name, first and last, give some basic information about myself (which would be true), and an email address (different from my others) so that people could contact me. But I have no doubt that anyone who really wanted to find me could do so without much difficulty.

Oh, yes, and as for sitemeters and statcounters: on my own blog I would prefer the invisible ones.

dieter said on September 10, 2007 09:33 AM:

My suggestion: Make a new start, and send a discreet note to your faithful readers ;-)

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