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July 19, 2007

It's hot

Austria is currently succumbing to a massive heat wave. This is having interesting side-effects.

An Indian restaurant I wanted to go to yesterday was closed "because of excessive heat". You'd expect Indians to be able to deal with the heat. Possibly the owner thought that he wouldn't have any customer with temperatures like these; however, the Indian restaurant I went to instead was full of people who didn't mind spicy food in hot weather.

The big political news was apparently that the opposition parties claimed that public transport couldn't be used any longer due to the lack of air conditioning; apparently one of them (haven't found the source yet) complained that temperatures inside the subway trains was 34°C. With outside temperatures well over 37°C you'd think that 34°C should be considered pleasant.

Anyway, since there is nothing else to worry about at the moment, Austrians were polled about what they thought about the heat, and 87% thought the heat wave was basically a good thing.

More interesting, however, were two other results from the same poll: 69% said that they found sweating people disgusting, whereas 75% noticed an increased sex drive due to the heat. Combined, these two results may disclose more about people's sex habits than they wanted to reveal.

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Jann said on July 20, 2007 10:26 AM:

I noticed yesterday that it was forecast to be 100F in Vienna today, I wondered how people would tolerate that. Now it seems they like it! Huh!

About fifteen years ago, when I lived in Buffalo, NY, we had three weeks straight of temperatures around 95F, or about 35C, with high humidity. I remember coming out of a patient's house (it was a big apartment complex) and standing under the sprinklers until my clothes were dripping wet before I could face getting into my non-airconditioned car which had been parked in the sun. By the time I completed the ten minute drive back to my office, my clothes and hair were just about completely dry. Our secretary walked around repeating over and over "I'll never complain about the cold again;" I paid attention and I never did hear her complain about the cold winters after that!

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