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April 30, 2007

Lifts (or elevators, for those from across the big blue sea) generally have two buttons to make them come to your floor. One with an arrow pointing upwards, which you press if you want to go up, and another one with an arrow pointing downwards, which you press if you want to go down. Consequently, on the top floor you will find only one button, pointing downwards and on the bottom floor you will find only one button, pointing upwards.

So much for a quick introduction to lift buttons.

Oddly enough, most people tend to misunderstand the lift buttons in a major way. They try to determine where the lift actually is (sometimes a floor indicator helps), and then they press the button in which they want the lift to move. So if they are standing on the second floor and if the lift is on the eighth floor they press the "down" button even though they really want to go up.

Which means that you stand in front of the lift door on the bottom floor, and it opend, and you politely wait for people to get out, but they won't because they never wanted to go down in the first place, and then all the way up you have to listen to their angry complaints about the stupid lift and how they are going to have the janitor fired one of these days for not fixing it.

And it's like you want to tell them how the buttons really work, but somehow you know it's probably not a good idea.

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