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January 30, 2007


A recent posting on Scott's Flickr Page had me think that I could possibly apply for one of those TV shows where some next-door person appears, claims he has some weird ability and then demonstrates it with or without some celebrity betting that they can/can't do it.

Anyway, as I realized through Scott's photograph, one of my marketable abilities could be to identify Vienna underground stations from pictures of the escalators therein. Like most things on TV it's perfectly useless, but hey, so were most of those forklift stunts they did in the 1980s. At least whenever somebody sees me in an underground station and recognizes me from the show, they'll get that sense of security that whenever they get lost, they can always ask me where they are.

Which, oddly enough, happens a lot lately even though I haven't showed off my escalator stunt in any TV show yet.

Posted by Horst on January 30, 2007 08:03 AM to creatures great & small | Tell-a-friend
dieter said on February 1, 2007 09:12 AM:

Your appearance inspires confidence. Is that bad?

Jann said on February 1, 2007 02:20 PM:

Same idea expressed in different words:
You look like a person who knows where he's going, and/or seem very approachable. Both good things.

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