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January 10, 2007


As you probably noticed, I've been somewhat hesitant as to whether post a blog entry this year or not, figuring that the best time to stop and reconsider is at the end of the year. And a lot of people on my blogroll have used the opportunity this year to stop blogging -- most of them people who started around the time when I started.

But what the heck. I guess I'll continue, although at a schedule that might be even more irregular than it has been recently.

But do not despair. On the contrary, expect an entirely new blog in which I will participate in early February, and possibly even a new fiction project in spring/early summer. More details will follow.

Finally, all of you who didn't receive a copy of Messages or The Happiest Guy before Christmas because I was sold out too soon will be pleased to hear that the discounted copies available directly from me are available again -- just drop me a note if you want yours. Amazon has unfortunately still not corrected the glitch which made Messages disappear completely from their catalogue, but it is available from just use the order links above or on the right.

And thanks to everybody who read them and gave me feedback of some sort... particularly in the case of The Happiest Guy in the World, about which I had had my doubts, but which seems to hit a nerve with almost everybody I heard from so far. One reader told me it gave her really weird dreams. I take that as very positive criticism.

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dieter said on January 12, 2007 09:36 AM:

please do go on!

Jann said on January 12, 2007 02:23 PM:

I'm very glad that you've decided to continue.

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