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December 30, 2006

This year in cities

Berlin, Germany
Braunau, Austria
Brno, Czech Republic
Brussels, Belgium
Eichberg, Austria
Graz, Austria
Linz, Austria
London, United Kingdom
Munich, Germany
Paris, France
Salzburg, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Villach, Austria

Posted by Horst on December 30, 2006 10:09 PM to my so-called life | Tell-a-friend
dieter said on January 9, 2007 11:16 AM:

Vienna, Austria
Dornbirn, Austria
Bregenz, Austria
Mindelo, Cape Verde
Landshut, Germany
Munich, Germany.
Didn't get around very much, last year.

Jann said on January 9, 2007 03:13 PM:

Anaheim, California
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Corona, California
Laguna Beach, California
Lake Elsinore, California
Lansing, Michigan
London, United Kingdom
Palm Springs, California
Riverside, California
San Diego, California
Temecula, California
Vienna, Austria

Several very long plane rides in economy class.

Lucid said on January 9, 2007 05:03 PM:

This is fun!

Vienna, Austria
Semmering, Austria
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Göllersdorf, Austria
Königstetten, Austria
Retz, Austria
Mödling, Austria
Sliema, Malta
Valetta, Malta
Salzburg, Austria
Wels, Austria
Zurich Airport, Switzerland
Arguineguin, Gran Canaria

Jann said on January 9, 2007 07:26 PM:

And it gets to be more fun! If we're going to count airports, I can add:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany
Phoenix, Arizona

dieter said on January 10, 2007 09:43 AM:

It was indeed fun. And I was delighted to read that the others just followed suit.

But now, Horst, it is time to turn the page. Zoe is already fed up with the new year, and you haven't even started yet...

dieter said on January 10, 2007 09:50 AM:

By the way, I am presently reading the Messages. You were right about the slow start. However, I guess that was mainly due to the project design. All the authors had to settle in and explore their possibilities, before anything serious could take off. (Well, starting in the holiday season did not help either, but that does not really show in the paper version).
Having said this, by now, the whole story has acquired quite some drive (started about with the introduction of Bart), and I can hardly stop reading. The crazy thing is, I already know the story, and I am not the kind to read the same story several times. Reading a book simply is different from reading the screen. At least for my generation.

On a slightly different note. Do you still have the possibility to correct minor typos and goofs for future printouts?

mig said on January 10, 2007 01:56 PM:

Vienna, Austria
Brno, Czech Republic
Vienna, Austria
Venice, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
Vienna, Austria

sabine said on January 10, 2007 04:56 PM:

Klagenfurt, Austria
New York City
Klagenfurt, Austria
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Klagenfurt, Austria
Vathy, Samos
Klagenfurt, Austria
Klagenfurt, Austria
Brno, Czech Republic
Vienna, Austria (of course)

By the way:
Klagenfurt is not an interesting city but my parents live there.

emma said on January 11, 2007 02:18 AM:

Baltimore, USA
Dublin, Ireland
Vienna, Austria
Baltimore, USA
New York, USA

nora said on January 11, 2007 05:42 PM:

Boston,MA, USA
Stowe, VT, USA
New York City,NY, USA
Vienna, Austria
Tulln, Austria
Wailea, HI, USA
Lahaina, HI, USA
Ha'iku, HI, USA
Kona, HI, USA
Hilo, HI, USA
New York City,NY, USA
New York City,NY, USA
Uppsala, Sweden
Billund, Danmark
Vienna, Austria
Tulln, Austria
Hirm, Austria
Eisenstadt, Austria
Sturbridge, MA, USA
New York City,NY, USA
Boston, MA, USA
Obertauern, Austria

airports: Teterboro,NJ; Beverly,MA; Boston Logan, Vienna, San Francisco, Kahului, Kona, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Billund, Munich, Salzburg

muggings: 1 (Vienna, U1 Stephansplatz)

Adalbert said on January 15, 2007 10:19 PM:

This is fun, really. Here´s my list:

Vienna, Austria
Crakow, Poland
Tokyo, Japan
Yokohama, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Himeji, Japan
Osaka, Japan (just a train station, though)
Hiroshima, Japan
Hakodate, Japan
Sapporo, Japan
Asahikawa, Japan
Wakkanai, Japan

CDG, Paris, France
Narita, Japan
and Vienna of course

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