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December 14, 2006


In the liner notes to the recent CD reissue of Die Donnergötter, Rhys Chatham writes that the excessive noise created during his performances of "Drastic Classicism" (also included on the CD) is very likely responsible for the fact that he lost his hearing, as well as for significant hearing damage to half the New York art world.

The way he writes it makes it sound as if this is an accomplishment that he is somewhat proud of, and he encourages the reader of the CD booklet to "play this piece LOUD!" He may say so because apparently you can only hear some of the overtones in this piece at an extremely high volume level; or maybe Chatham believes that artists really need to have an impact on their audience's lives, even if it is by making them deaf.

Recent Chatham reissues on the Table of the Elements label:
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