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June 27, 2006


After almost two years of criminal neglect, I decided to update my bloglist and discovered the following moderately interesting facts:

  • Remarkably, all but 9 of the blogs I linked to are still active
  • Of the active blogs, 6 have changed their name
  • Of the active blogs, about 60% have changed their layout, but about 98% are still writing about excatly the same things.
  • Of the active blogs, about 50% have kept the same posting schedule, whereas the other 50% have slowed down considerably.
  • Of the inactive blogs, only 2 have been removed from the server
  • 18 blogs removed me from their blogrolls
  • 12 blogs removed their blogrolls altogether
  • 6 blogs added me to their blogrolls
  • at least 75 splogs have me on their pseudo-blogrolls

I'd have blogged these facts enthusiastically about two years ago, but today I think that this is one of the lamest posts that I came up with recently.

Obviously, things change.

Like I realized when I recently changed the layout of this weblog's front page -- which you may or may not have noticed because the actual change visible to a casual visitor is barely noticeable, but the changes in the source code are rather profound -- that my way of writing source code has changed significantly since when I first put up this design in 2003.

I came across a very old site of mine a while ago, and I realized how inconceivable it seems now to write a page like this, like, not closing my <p>s properly with </p>s and stuff like that. I wondered whether my perspective on other things in my life, other than HTML source code had also changed this radically. I couldn't come up with anything quickly, but I realized that back then the idea of cooking Zwiebelrostbraten was also inconceivable back then. You don't notice these gradual changes as they happen, but whenever you're suddenly confronted with a piece from your past, it may just suddenly hit you how much you've changed.

So whilst it can be argued from a design point of view that this weblog now resembles another little website I did a while ago even more closely, I do now have the impression that I have a better idea what I'm doing with my source code. If the new layout isn't completely tableless, it's mostly due to the fact that Internet Explorer has great problems displaying these properly, but basically I get the feeling that that other little website has taught me an awful lot about Strict XHTML and CSS.

It has also taught me a lot about other things, but I'm not ready to discuss them publicly. At least not yet.

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Adalbert said on June 27, 2006 10:49 PM:

Interesting. I already thought about deleted my blogroll list. Some blogs I frequently visit arenīt yet on it, some I hardly ever visit. The problem simply is that a lot of these blogs are very good, yet thereīs only so much limited time in life + you should do other things in your life too.

Horst said on June 28, 2006 09:37 AM:

I visit about six or seven blogs on my main blogroll regularly. I check out the ones on the "bloglist" significantly less often. There are some I haven't read for more than a year. As you say, there's so many blogs, so little time and so much other things in life that are more important than blogs.

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