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June 22, 2006


My final comment (promise) on the Bush visit is a quotation from the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

In May, the authorities in Vienna showed how discreet high security can be when they protected 60 heads of state and government during the summit between the EU and the Latin American states.

Of course, the single visitor from the northern part of the American continent demands a different degree of attention.

I'm pretty convinced that this is not about security at all. It's about showing authority, about bullying others into submission.

Update: In other news, Betablogger has some dialogues (in German) that illustrate the Viennese position on authority in the face of George W. Bush and the Austrian police. [via novala]

Update: In some American online media I found references to "hundreds" or "350" people protesting against President Bush in Vienna on Wednesday. However, the Austrian police, whose counts are usually very conservative, announced that there had been some 15,000 protesters, and the committee organising the demonstration spoke of at least 20,000 participants.

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Jann said on June 24, 2006 12:10 PM:

The New York Times article from June 21, to which you provided the link, and which apparently understated the number of protesters in Vienna, also quoted Hans Rauscher as having written in Der Standard, "George W. Bush is probably the worst president of the past 100 years. The world has to suffer him until 2008".
The New York Times frequently editorializes against Mr. Bush and Republican party policies, and very strongly so. This newspaper's opinion of Mr.Bush seems to be line with Mr. Rauscher's.

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