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May 17, 2006


Nutzen Sie die Dynamik, die in Ihrem Unternehmen steckt

So I spent eight hours trying to determine just which part of my perfectly valid HTML code caused Microsoft Internet Explorer (and only Microsoft Internet Explorer) to not display part of a web page I'm designing. It turned out MSIE would display the page correctly if I merely scrolled down and then up again, which seemed to confirm that it was really a bug in Internet Explorer and not some kind of problem in my code.

First, I checked my HTML if all of it was valid. It was. Then I checked my CSS if all of it was valid. It was.

Then I spent a couple of hours to determine just which part of my code would trigger the display bug. This morning, I came closer to the soulution as I found that MSIE doesn't want one particular text section to be defined by means of a text block tag (such as <div>, <p> or <h2>). In fact it also doesn't want the text to be defined as normal text with a different background colour or some padding added by means of a <span> tag. Each of these cases would cause the text to disappear.

Having finally isolated the cause, I managed to come up with a solution, which was to place the entire part of the page that was affected by the bug within a <div style="width:96%;"> tag.

And I thought I'd post this here just in case somebody googles for "Internet Explorer text disappears", they find this and give it a try.

In related news, Microsoft is currently running an intense advertising campaign in Austria. The slogan, pictured above, translates as "Use the dynamics of your company". Following what I would describe as a colossal waste of time, which I had to spend on trying to identify and work around a Microsoft software bug, I feel prone to read the slogan as "Use the dynamics of your company to deal with our buggy software."

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Ingmar Greil said on May 21, 2006 12:31 PM:

I suppose this is the so called peekaboo bug. It's been around for ages, but MS has been unable or unwilling to fix it sofar.

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