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December 12, 2005

As simple as that

Ultimately, the really important point is not whether Governor Arnold "Terminator" Schwarzenegger stops or does not stop the execution of killer Stanley "Tookie" Williams tomorrow. It's not what he does in this case, which has become more of a media event than anything else, it's more what he believes in generally, and I'm not sure if he believes in anything other than his social status and poll results. And even that's okay; it doesn't really matter because more than anything else, Schwarzenegger is a representative of a society, and as such it's not so much himself that counts, but the society that elected him and that he represents, that he is supposed to represent even.

And so it's really all about whether that society condemns or accepts the killing of people. If the society condemns it, then this will be reflected in the state's politics, which will aim at protecting the lives of all citizens at all costs, with no exceptions, not even Tookie Williams. However, if this society accepts that killing people is okay, then this is just what will happen, with or without the death penalty. It's as simple as that.

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dieter said on December 13, 2005 10:00 AM:

I must admit that I never cared to find any studies, but back at university I was told that also in most European countries the majority of the population is rather in favour of death penalty.
Following this point, and considering the outcomes of general elections in 'developed' democracies during the last year: Bush, Berlusconi, Chirac (and Le Pen in the second round), Schüssel, this rather frustrates the democratic heart beating in my chest.

I do not rant about Germany, where the socialist programme was barely distinguishable from the conservative one. Under such conditions you can just as well vote for a new face. The fact that the leaders were not capable of finding a more ingenious solution than a big coalition cannot be attributet to the voters.
But electing a notorious criminal, a man who lead his country into war with nothing but lies or re-electing a man who hade become head of government by breaking his central electoral promise. These people either don't think or they don't care. Well, and all I am going to say about France is: Having a far right nationalist conservative President who won over an outright fascist largely explains what was going on in Paris lately.

laura said on December 14, 2005 04:44 AM:

You're exactly right in your analysis, Horst. I didn't find too many peers who agreed with my anti-death penalty stance. My focus wasn't on the criminal; I believe he's a lowlife who may or may not have changed in prison. He never confessed to his crimes (to leave the maximum number of appeals open). It's the system that's rotten. Next on the block in Calif. is a 76 year old man in a wheelchair who contracted for murders, though never killed anyone outright. I take Niemuller's view--first they came for the murderers, then the conspirators, then the political activists (me & my friends).

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