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December 10, 2005

Record review of 2005, part 1: The Disappointments

It's that time of the year again when music magazines everywhere publish their annual music polls, even though the year is not quite over yet; I presume they are doing it so that you can still buy your last-minute stocking fillers in time for Christmas.

Anyway, who am I not to join the trend? Over the next few days I will publish a number of articles about my favourite records of 2005. All of this is necessarily incomplete and subjective, so beware.

I'll start with this year's five biggest disappointments, i.e. the records that I expected to be good, but which turned out to be worse than expected. If you are wondering why this does not include Paul McCartney and other artists resurrected from the dead by the record industry in time for Christmas, well, I didn't expect them to be any good.

Sun Kil Moon: Tiny Cities - After recording my favourite album of 2004, this record of Modest Mouse covers is about the most uneven (and at times, boring) thing Mark Kozelek has ever done. Which is why the Special Award For Biggest Disappointment In 2005 goes to this record.

The Decemberists: Picaresque - Never a band with a particularly strong focus, they lose themselves in, well, picaresque and arabesque ornament and release a perfectly mediocre record that may appeal to fans into circuses and freak shows, but not to me. And I liked the two previous albums so much! Sob.

Broken Social Scene: Broken Social Scene - Another band with great potential and total loss of focus. This is not even particularly bad, it's just that I think they could have done so much better.

Beck: Guero - Okay, maybe it was silly of me to expect anything of this man, whose best times are obviously long gone now. But I hadn't expected anything this boring.

Interpol: Antics - Considering everybody except me seems to like this record, it's probably me who has the problem, but I consider this to be the most annoying record of the year, even more annoying than Franz Ferdinand, and that means something.

In part 2, to be published in a few days, I will be looking at a couple of records that I discovered this year and found really great, but that were unfortunately published before 2005.

Posted by Horst on December 10, 2005 04:13 PM to reviews | Tell-a-friend

dd said on December 11, 2005 02:16 AM:

hm, I rather like the new broken social scene. unfocussed, yes, but I think it rewards repeated listening. it works much better if you try to percieve it as an experimental ambient soundscape.

and I listened to snippets from the sun kil moon album and found it rather nice. actually, I liked it better than most Ive heard from kozelek yet. so if you are considering to get rid of your copy...

I agree about interpol, beck and the decemberists, tough.

other disappointments of the year would include death cab for cutie, south san gabriel, the eels, laura veirs, magnolia electric co., the white stripes and adam green. and maybe after all the new mountain goats album was not the masterpiece I would have liked it to be.

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