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December 01, 2005

Inspected with pride

Inspected with pride

I found this little card lying on the floor in an electronics shop, where it must have fallen out of some package. I took it of course, because it was so instantly compelling. You may remember that two years ago (has it really been this long?) I already talked about inspectors who leave cryptic sheets of paper inside boxes, but Inspector Forty-Three impressed me particularly because he is the first one whose notices I've ever encountered who does his job "with pride".

I tried picturing Inspector Forty-Three proudly inspecting products, but somehow it didn't work out. Pride seems to be an odd concept on the assembly line.

I checked the company website to find out what kinds of objects Mr. Forty-Three is inspecting, and it turns out they produce accessories for laptops and other mobile computing equipment. It also turns out that the home page of their website has a link to "Important Recall Notices", where they are currently warning customers about two specific items, both of which can apparently give you electric shocks and/or set your house on fire.

Perhaps someone ought to tell Mr Forty-Three to inspect his products with care, rather than with pride? Just an idea.

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gibarian said on December 1, 2005 06:44 PM:

Haha, great piece of investigative journalism there. I like the sardonic angle too.

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