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October 06, 2005


Just a brief note that I will be reading a section from my new short story "Hair Fetish" tomorrow (7 October) at the Labyrinth Poetry Open Mic at Café Kafka, 1060 Vienna, Capistrangasse 8 (starting around 8:30pm), which will reveal the truth about speed dating and what men really talk about when they talk about sex.

Posted by Horst on October 6, 2005 08:38 PM to books & bookkeeping | Tell-a-friend

Gina said on October 7, 2005 01:15 PM:

You know that it's kind of unfair to dangle the announcement in front of us (virtually anyway)?! I DO want to know what men really ... and I can't be in Vienna!

dieter said on October 7, 2005 11:44 PM:

I must have some split personality. When I read your announcement - in shameless commercial style ;-) - in the office, I thought that this time I really had to try to come. Well, as you could plainly see, I did not... Next time I came to think about it was at about 11 pm, and I didn't have much hope to hear your reading anymore.

The really annoying thing about it is that this kind of things happens to me rather often. I missed several appointments, shopping opportunities and what not because of it. And, of course, it also works the other way round. Like when I go to work, I remind myself that I absolutely have to call whoever, and next time I think of it again is in the train back home. Hope it's not the first sign of Alzheimer's disease.

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