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August 02, 2005

Cerveau perdu

As an explanation why I'm not updating my weblog more often at the moment, I could write that I left my notebook* with ideas for about 35 weblog entries in it at the "Soban Taxi-Phone" Internet café, 69 Rue Sébastien Gryphe, Lyon. Which is true. Which was also a minor catastrophe for this weblog.

On the other hand, fact is that I exchanged my TGV ticket for one on a later train and thus postponed my departure from Lyon so that I could return to the "Soban Taxi-Phone" and ask if someone had found my notebook. As the notebook contained nothing other than fragmentary weblog ideas scribbled in almost illegible handwriting, I suppose this increases my ranking on the geek map.

It turned out that someone had indeed found my notebook, so I have no real excuse for not posting anything, especially with at least 35 entries up my sleeve. It's just that during the summer, I rather sit outside sipping pastis and read books than write weblog entries for a readership that is much smaller than usual because they'd all also rather sit outside somewhere sipping something.

*) a paper notebook, not a laptop computer

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We received this ping from Stormgrass on August 4, 2005 07:03 PM:

Idealistic value: Horst from The Aardvark Speaks forgot his notebook in a café somewhere in France. He postponed his departure in an effort to get it back (which he did). The catch: the notebook is in fact an old-school notebook, not a computer. But since it’... [more]

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