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June 08, 2005

On second thought

On having a look at the Steve Jobs keynote about Apple's migration to Intel processors, I may revise yesterday's post. If I'm not under the influence of Steve's famous Reality Distortion Field and what he says is true and the Universal Binary format (Mac OS X apps running on both PPC and Intel CPUs) is grabbing hold, then there should be no problem at all of current PPC Macs becoming obsolete any sooner than the first non-beige G3 Macs, and that was something like 7 years ago. In fact the major problem would be the required emulation layer for the new Intel Macs, which means that it may actually be a better idea to buy a PPC Mac now than wait for the Intel Macs and then be confronted with their teething problems.

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gibarian said on June 9, 2005 10:11 AM:

Grr, and I thought Linux would win you over, sooner or later.

dieter said on June 9, 2005 11:26 AM:

Linux will only win *me* over if they can agree on a common format (or procedure) for installing new software.
I am not a programmer. I do not want to recompile the packages or whatever. I want to download the packages and then tell my installation routine to do the rest of the job.
Anyways, it is really hard to find another computer that is as cool as a MacMini (in all respects). Alas, they couldn't teach the G5 processors to cool down similarly.

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