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June 02, 2005

Facts about Berlin

  • Berlin is a building contractor's wet dream.
  • Currywurst is seriously overrated.
  • At least from the outside there is next to no discernible difference between western and ex-GDR council housing estates from the 1970s.
  • There are significantly fewer döner kebab places than you'd expect. Fewer than in Vienna actually.
  • The buildings on Potsdamer Platz are nothing more than reflections of the egoes of the corporations that had them built.
  • There are more jars on the 6th floor of the KaDeWe than on the entire planet Zork.
  • In Berlin, football fans sing. All of them, all the time.
  • There are places with frightening names such as The bizarre world of Dr Mueller.
  • There are also truly bizarre things, which I won't talk about here.
Posted by Horst on June 2, 2005 11:45 PM to the land of Potz | Tell-a-friend

46halbe said on June 4, 2005 03:11 AM:

I agree with you, ahm, almost..
Currywurst is not overrated at all. First, it is one of the world's healthiest foods. When choosing the right Currywurst food stall only two Currywursts will give you energy and vitality for the whole day. I conducted a small scale in-depth empirical experiment.. Therefore I know, Currywurst can even prevent diseases like anorexia, somnambulism and nausea.

laura said on June 4, 2005 07:07 AM:

Did you see any exploding toads? In the paper here, it said that toads are blowing up all over Berlin. Apparently, birds peck and eat the toads' livers, which are on the animals' backs, causing them to eventually pop.

Horst said on June 4, 2005 10:48 PM:

46halbe: I agree that the organic Currywurst on Wittenbergplatz is somewhat tastier than the others that I remember, but I'm still open to your recommendations...

laura: the last exploding toad I came across was in Monty Python's Flying Circus, I think.

And since nobody asked about the other bizarre things, I think it might be safe to mention a drink that is a mixture of beer and woodruff syrup. It's completely bizarre, but surprisingly tasty (which is again bizarre).

46halbe said on June 5, 2005 12:40 AM:

Well, Horst, I suggest to try the Currywurst on subway station "Schoenhauser Allee" (Prenzlauer Berg), food stall's name is "Konnopke". This is definitely the best, by far.
In fact, it is not so much the Currywurst itself but the tasty curry ketchup. They keep their recipe a secret, unfortunately.

Shez said on October 9, 2006 05:17 PM:

hate it cause its not right for people gettin facts or school

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