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May 06, 2005


While in Belgium recently, I saw a feature on the BBC in which they talked about a new TV series created by David E. Kelley, the man behind the mid-90s (and very Clinton-era) series Ally McBeal — that's the one that, bizarrely enough, had us under the illusion for a few years that lawyers, especially those in Boston, are actually kind of cool. This was then followed by the slightly more Bush-era lawyer series The Practice, which tried hard (and rather unsuccesfully) to convince us that lawyers could be cool, even though they lived in Boston.

Turns out his new TV series is about —gasp— a bunch of lawyers in —gasp— Boston. Well, he's only done this a couple of times before, so we can expect a totally new concept here, right? Also turns out that it stars —big gasp— James Spader and —even bigger gasp— William Shatner. (And for all you Trekkies there's also, by the way, Star Trek Deep Space 9's René "Odo" Auberjonois in a supporting role, only my guess is that he won't change his physical form here very often).

They also showed a little excerpt from a courtroom scene. The amount of variation was compelling. It looked like something of an instant replay from Ally McBeal, only with James Spader instead of Robert Downey Jr, and William Shatner as something of an older and weightier Peter MacNicol. The case was something about dwarves. I forgot the details, but it was like something I'd seen before.

I'm afraid that unless Spader's character is something like E. Edward Grey and, more importantly, his secretary is played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, there's not much chance I'll watch it if it ever appears on Austrian TV.

Update: I just saw on the IMDb that Kelley has yet another TV series in production. Apparently it's called The Law Firm. I rest my case.

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nora said on May 6, 2005 02:29 PM:

towards the end, the practice got kinda lame, so i didn't get into boston legal until late this season, and it's actually really funny. the cases are bizarre, though. and james spader's secretary is eventually played by betty white (rose from golden girls). i love shatner in it, he is so not taking himself seriously.

dieter said on May 6, 2005 11:11 PM:

nora, did he ever?

nora said on May 7, 2005 12:29 AM:

dieter, that's why we love him, aye?

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