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May 03, 2005

Weather forecasts

Now we all know that weather forecasts are notoriously unreliable, but this is just ridiculous:

Mac OS 10.4 Weather Widget displaying a curiously wrong weather status for Vienna

This is what Mac OS X 10.4's weather widget has to say about the current weather in Vienna. Just for the record: The real weather in Vienna is sunny, extremely humid, and with temperatures around 26°C, expected to rise to, or even above 30°C later today.

I don't know which Vienna the widget is talking about, but it's definitely not the one I'm living in. The whole thing is so far off the mark that it can't be bad data, it must be a case of poor localization/wrong city.

By the way, be sure to check the list of known incompatibilities before you install. And the new Mail application in OS 10.4 is butt ugly.

Update: To get the correct weather for Vienna, Austria, click on the information button in the lower right-hand corner and change the city name from "Vienna" to "Vienna, Austria".

Update: Justin Bur writes on "The Dashboard widget for weather displays city names, but not states or provinces. Beware! The automatic choice may not be what you expect. With my home address set to "Montreal", the weather widget was giving me information for Montreal, WI (pop. 800 or so) instead of Montreal, Quebec (metro pop. about 3.5 million). To make sure you get the right city, hit return in the widget's city configuration field, wait for the transaction with AccuWeather, and choose your city from the pop-up menu."

Posted by Horst on May 3, 2005 11:01 AM to the body electric | Tell-a-friend

dieter said on May 3, 2005 11:43 AM:

However, I would prefer the weather forecast of the Widget's Vienna for the next few days. I can live with rain today and sunny 19C for the next few days. We are promised rain and temperatures going down to 12 or so by coming weekend.

By the way: Are there any reasons why I should upgrade? By now you are rather telling why I don't need to...

Horst said on May 3, 2005 12:41 PM:

Why you should upgrade:

both my iBook G3/500 and my G4/400 were overall slightly faster and more responsive after the upgradeif you have a lot of files and regularly look for things, Spotlight is just perfectif you need to lock out your children from your computer, the Parental Controls are quite useful

Why you should not upgrade:

the release was rushed - while the system is stable, there are still lots of annoying minor glitchesthe user interface is quite frankly a mess by Apple standards - inconsistencies everywhere, it looks like they hired too many programmers who used to work for Microsoftsome software (Virtual PC, Toast, etc.) breaks and/or requires an update

I found the Tiger review at Macintouch very good and very much to the point. Unless you need Spotlight, the Automator, multi-person videoconferencing and/or Parental Controls there is no real reason to upgrade unless you want that little bit of extra speed.

It's a very good operating system, but to be very frank: if you already have OS 10.3, I'm not sure the upgrade is worth the €130 price tag. As far as my limited tests have gone I even think I could have spent the €89 educational licence fee on something more useful (like a new printer :P). However, if you are still running an older version of the Mac OS, then buy it, by all means.

laura said on May 4, 2005 04:52 AM:

We don't need a weather forecasting program in Los Angeles. With minor variations, it is 75 degrees and sunny from Sept.-June. Weather is so boring here that stand-up comedians like Fritz Coleman are hired to do the forecast. Today it was 75 degrees and sunny.

dieter said on May 6, 2005 10:16 AM:

@horst: sounds like I am going to keep my panther alive for a little while...

Becky said on May 9, 2005 09:28 PM:

Hey, Horst! Long time no comment, I know. I suck. But I just had to say something about your contempt for Mail 2.0's obvious beauty! No more drawers, hallelujah! No more stripes! No more stupid "On My Mac" (aka "Duh, where else would it be? On your Mac?")! Admittedly, the buttons take some getting used to, but they're in the style of Safari, and style uniformity is a good thing.

But, ok, everyone has their own prefs, and maybe you just don't groove on the way it looks. I can try to accept that. You have to admit, however, that Smart Folders in Mail are absolutely brilliant and are worth looking at something that doesn't fit your aesthetic.

On a serious note, do you have any insight into how Apple decide which apps should be Aqua and which should be brushed metal? I can't figure out the logic.

Cheers! I've missed you and won't be gone so long again! :)

Horst said on May 11, 2005 10:19 AM:

Hi Becky,

Okay, so there are no more stripes and no more drawers, and I never had the "on my Mac" thing, wherever it was, on my German version anyway - BUT:

the window is neither Aqua nor Brushed Metal, but something else, and the buttons are unlike any other buttons in Mac OS X (and I beg to differ -- they're certainly not in the style of Safari). I hate inconsistent user interface design, and this is most inconsistent (Tiger is full of inconsistencies: the worst one I can think of is that you have to click on the "Add" button to remove a widget from the Dashboard -- I suppose I don't have to say what that reminds me of).

Haven't played around with the Smart Folders yet, but they mostly seem to be folders with mail rules attached to them, which is handy, but not an entirely new function, just a shortcut.

I really love the Spotlight integration in Mail, though, because my e-mail is really where I need a good search function.

And I have no idea on what basis Apple uses the Aqua or the Brushed Metal interface. I used to think Brushed Metal went to the apps that can only have one window open (like iMovie, iDVD, etc.), but then the Finder clearly violates this rule. I think it's just plain arbitrary. Mail looks like it should have become Brushed Metal, but they somehow forgot about it.

Anyway, good to have you back & kind regards.

ChrisJ said on May 12, 2005 11:12 AM:

Solution for brasilianisches klingonisch: DeLocalizer

Sorry for posting here, but registration just to post a comment is a bit too much for me.

ChrisJ said on May 12, 2005 11:22 AM:

One more piece of software for that. (via)

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