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April 30, 2005

Printer woes

I hate printers.

Everything started when my printer ran out of cyan ink. I inserted a replacement cartridge only to notice that afterwards the printer refused to print at all. All it would print were just stripes at more or less regular intervals. I thought the print head might be clogged and started the printer's self-cleaning option, to no avail. If anything, things seemed to be getting worse. And of course, the warranty had expired only 29 days ago.

In total despair, I did a Google search for "epson printer 5200 clogged" and was directed to this page, which pointed out that cleaning the print head might actually damage it and that with this particular kind of printer (and others of the CX series) the problem could be that the ink purge tube might have come loose and fallen off — they even had instructions how to fix it.

I checked my printer, and lo and behold! the tube had indeed fallen off. However, re-attaching it turned out to be a lot more difficult than it had looked in the pictures, mostly because of lack of space to accommodate my hands inside my printer.

About 50 minutes were spent cursing and swearing, resolving twice to simply buy a new printer and forget about this one (but then why buy a new printer if re-attaching a tiny tube can fix it?), getting all kinds of tweezers and tongs, blackening 8 pairs of latex gloves and managing to get ink stains on pretty much everything on my desk.

Eventually, I managed to re-attach the tube, printed a test page, and everything was working beautifully. I was happy.

For a while. I did some 20 colour printouts, only to notice at that point that all the excessive printhead cleaning before had emptied the magenta ink. I exchanged it for a new one, wanted to continue and found that the printer doesn't print magenta. It looks as if the magenta jets are clogged, but that's unlikely as they worked just fine 3 minutes earlier with the almost empty cartridge.

I checked the tube, it was still in place. I cleaned the print head. I did some magenta cartridge shaking, all to no avail. All the other colours print just fine.

I think I'll just get a new printer.

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dieter said on May 1, 2005 12:26 AM:

Shouldn't you know by now, that nowadays, people do not replace ink cartridges any longer? They replace printers instead!

zed said on May 2, 2005 07:44 PM:

when your partner uses up your entire (colour) cartridge by printing out CD/DVD labels then i feel your pain. i really do.

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