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April 28, 2005

Synchronicity, #2

I swear that I did not copy the idea for yesterday's posting from that other weblog that I read regularly and that I can't name here or link to, because every time I do, that weblog gets attacked and taken down by spammers. If you read this month's posts, you'll know which one I mean anyway.

Actually, I had the idea for my posting on Friday, April 22 at about 11pm, while I was walking through the streets of Brussels on my way back from the 50 Foot Wave concert, which is almost three days before that other, very similar posting showed up on that other weblog. And I honestly hadn't read any other weblogs since my return from Brussels on Tuesday morning. So it wasn't until yesterday, after I had written my post, that I checked out the weblogs on my blogroll and found that very similar entry on that other weblog.

Which means this is my second spooky synchronicity experience with that weblog. I am beginning to think that it's not spammers who are taking down that weblog whenever I link to it. It's really that I and the other author are actually two incarnations of the same person living in slightly shifted, but also slightly overlapping parallel universes, and every time I link to him I am causing a temporary disturbance of the time/space continuum, which fortunately doesn't have any more sinister consequences than causing his server to go down.

Or at least I hope it doesn't.

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mig said on April 28, 2005 10:06 PM:

I was just going to say the same thing, but every time I turn on the shower, Republicans come out.

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