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February 09, 2005

It's odd

Strange how the eye gets used to things. Only two days ago I thought that my manifesto-free blog zone was a veritable eyesore that would cause your eyes to pop out of their sockets (or at least give you a serious headache). Now, two days later, the two zones look remarkably, well, not that bad anymore. The colours are still pretty garish, but much to my surprise I find that it's actually possible to get used to them.

Which explains why people in the 1980s were able to wear the strangest clothes without seeming to mind just what they looked like, and it was probably because everybody else was wearing the same stuff. Or why groups like Haysi Fantayzee were not partcular oddities then, but seemed to come straight out of a freak show when I saw them recently in some retrospctive show on BBC Prime (jeez, I had totally forgotten that things like that had existed in the 80s).

Just imagine all websites made generous use of strong colours. Actually, it's possible that they actually did at some point, because all so-called "web-safe" colours are so strong and intense that you would never use them voluntarily on any website that you'd want people to visit (rather than shy away from). Anyway, if all websites were like that, it's possible that we wouldn't even notice it anymore, and my manifesto-free blog zone would have to be a stark white with black text on it.

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