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November 04, 2004

Legitimate beyond doubt

Eric Frey in Der Standard (my translation):

For the next four years, America will be governed by a man whose legitimacy is beyond doubt. They also cannot claim that they have been misled by Bush. Four years ago, Bush ran for the office as a "compassionate conservative" who promised to unite the nation through moderate politics. This time, there was no doubt about his extremist conservative intentions.

This is a reason for concern. The Americans have accepted Bush's message that the country is at war after the 9/11 attacks and have confirmed their self-proclaimed "war president" in office. Thus they are supporting the policy of paranoia that has alienated the rest of the world. They have re-elected a president who wants to fight the complex problem of Muslim terrorism solely with military means, who has strained relationships with allies to the limit, and who has turned the United States into the face of the enemy for a large part of mankind. America will continue on its unilateral course and possibly spread the diffuse, but risky "war against terrorism" to other countries. Bush was not punished for the obvious fiasco of the Iraq war, into which he dragged the country by telling untruths. One can now safely assume that this political and psychological state of war will continue for a very long time.

anonyarena (an American) on The Fall message board:

Mark E. Smith predicted a 2nd Dark Age back in the 1970s and here it is. ... This truly is THE FALL.

It's THE FALL of all civilization of every kind. Optimism is a worthless, useless, emotion now. If we do not come to grips with our depression, we will lack the insight required to survive the impending doom that is, at last, unavoidable now. We can't go groping in the muddled darkness, saying things like "Now the Republicans can fix their own mess." Have we been blind for the last 4 years. The Republicans have no intention of "fixing" their mess! The deliberately and intentionally plan to inflate the mess, to deepen the deficit, to expand the war, obliterate dissent, allow, permit, and encourage terrorist actions to kill us, and utterly destroy the economy by creating and enshrining two classes. One of the multi-billionaire super-elite ultra rich, and one of desperate poverty stricken whose lives will be so dismal, no word will be able to describe their ruin.

Also check out the reactions over at Craig's BookNotes, which show that not all America is Bush.

Voices from the British press:

And from the Daily Mirror, arguably not Britain's highest-quality newspaper, comes this question.

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dieter said on November 4, 2004 01:07 PM:

I wouldn't be so pessimistic, after all. Wasn't it Marx who said that historic tragedies always repeat themselves as a farce? Seldom that quickly, indeed...

As to Smallwood. I only read the quote here in Horst's blog. My first thought - before I read the quote - was that the other economies should rather take urgent measures to ensure their survival without the US. For one thing is certain. Private consumption will plummet in the next four years. I am not talking about luxury consumption of course. Invest in Mercedes, not in Volkswagen...

laura said on November 5, 2004 04:04 AM:

In a country where you can choose 15 different kinds of Kleenex and a half dozen varieties of Coke, you ask 125 million voters to decide between 2 bland candidates? It takes effort and investigation to choose a third party candidate, which I did.

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