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November 03, 2004

Predators of the Greek country roads (3)

The Hole

The Hole
A typical Hole.

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The Hole is perhaps the strangest of all the predators of the Greek country roads. Contrary to the other predators, the Hole is completely stationary — or so it appears, because they still seem to appear in the most unexpected places, and the more you try to steer your car around them, the more you will end up right in the middle of it.

Still, stories about moving Holes are probably myth. Typically, Holes just sit in the country road, patiently waiting for victims that will drive into them. They are particularly dangerous at night, because of their near invisibility.

Holes vary greatly in depth and width, and they are known to grow over time. Some are so small that you can safely ignore them, some are so big and deep that your car will sustain heavy damage if you don't manage to avoid them, and the bad thing about Hole-inflicted damage to your rental car is that the full-risk insurance contracts on Greek rental cars always contain a clause that they will not be liable for damage (a) to the underside of the car, or (b) if no second car is involved in the accident; in other words, Hole attacks are explicitly excluded.

This means that if your rental car is damaged by the attack of a Hole, you should try to convince the driver of a second car to crash into yours so that you don't have to pay for the damage. Or you could park the car in a convenient position so that it becomes the prey of another predator such as a Cement Mixer. This, however, may involve a lot of red tape, so it's better to stay alert and constantly watch out for Holes as you drive on the Greek country roads.

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