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October 18, 2004

A major design goof-up

Yesterday I saw the new iMac G5 for the first time in real life (rather than on pictures). I must honestly say that I have never been this underwhelmed by computer design since Apple stopped making beige boxes.

Often when Apple announced a new product and I saw the pictures, I wasn't sure if I liked the design, but whenever I saw the actual computer, I liked it immediately. This time, I thought the iMac G5 looked really gorgeous on the pictures, but boy is it ugly in real life. It's basically a thick, plump blob of white plastic.

A recent review on Der Spiegel online [in German] brings the point across nicely: the slogan "Where did the computer go?" is backfiring seriously — the iMac G5 simply looks too much like a TFT monitor, a badly-designed one, for that matter. "A clunky LC-Display with a non-matching metal stand will not even please those who like Apple computers for purely aesthetic reasons." Indeed not. The company that won a reputation for designing the most elegant computers on the market has committed a major design goof-up.

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dieter said on October 20, 2004 10:44 AM:

Sad story. I really liked the pictures, too. Maybe the designers should make a real life prototype before launching the final product...

Horst said on October 20, 2004 04:50 PM:

They did. Apparently they liked it.

laura said on October 21, 2004 04:38 AM:

It's sad about Steve Jobs getting pancreatic cancer. No one ever seems to live long after that diagnosis.

dieter said on October 21, 2004 12:26 PM:

And now for something completely different. Do you think it possible, Horst, that a campaign to go back to the iMac G4 design can be successful. If enough Apple friends participate?

Horst said on October 22, 2004 10:11 AM:

As far as I know, Steve Jobs has been declared cured. And the old iMac G4 design is definitely dead. Apparently they thought that the much-maligned "desk lamp" design was too nerdy.

Ursula said on October 22, 2004 03:08 PM:

Did you check out the inside of the Mac? A friend of mine opend the G5 for me. funny situation by the way. I entered his office, he is a huge, a very big guy. Could be great in wrestling shows. Thought I cannot imagine him in these tight suits. Back to my story I looked at hansmann`s (his name) G5 and immediately he needed to open it. I saw the inside and had a deja vue. It was like the first time looking at the engine of the new Audi A 8. The only thing I see is labeled plastic or metal tops. Nothing more. Hansman meanwhile seemed to see more. He looked at me with this excited sparkle in his eyes. I didn't know what to do so I decided to say: WOW.

I think the inside is disappointing.

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