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October 04, 2004

Predators of the Greek country roads (1)

The Cement Mixer

Cement mixer in Greek landscape
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By far the most dangerous predator on Greek country roads is the Cement Mixer (mixator cæmentarius). This creature is fairly easy to identify, as it has a fairly unique shape; minor variations in the species are only distinguished by stripes of varying colour on the rotating tank. Typically, the Cement Mixer is a 6-wheeled creature, although 4- and 8-wheeled varieties have also been sighted.

While perfectly harmless when stationary, the Cement Mixer has the tendency to surprise unsuspecting car drivers by appearing out of nowhere with no advance warning whatsoever, especially on extremely bendy and narrow mountain roads and at extremely high speeds. In fact, the picture above is a true rarity, as it is one of the very few documented examples of a Cement Mixer that is actually visible from a greater distance.

Cement Mixers can be found all over the country in large quantities, but especially in deserted stretches of uninhabited land where you wouldn't expect them. You can often drive for miles without seeing any other rolling creature, but as soon as you approach that blind summit or concealed curve, a Cement Mixer is almost certain to emerge from it.

As head-on encounters between small Japanese rental vehicles and Cement Mixers invariably result in the complete destruction of the small Japanese rental vehicle and the victory of the Cement Mixer, it is advisable to approach blind summits and concealed curves with great caution.

Posted by Horst on October 4, 2004 11:55 AM to the land of Potz | Tell-a-friend

Josh Cogliati said on October 7, 2004 04:07 AM:

While I have never encountered cement mixers in the wild, I have encountered their cousin, logging trucks on narrow winding roads, and I imagine that cement trucks are as bad.

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