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September 27, 2004

It is extremely stupid, but it looks really cool

Saw a pretty mysterious movie trailer at the cinema yesterday. Checked the IMDb to see what it was all about. Found this review:

Eventually, you do learn that Aliens have a big part in this movie. Now, you never really "see" any aliens. However, random people just get sucked into the air........ which I think is extremely stupid. However, it looks really cool. [Source]

Some reviews are just priceless.

Anyway, the reason I was in the cinema was that I was watching Michael Mann's Collateral, which is interesting as it's a movie that is totally predictable (guess who will be the 5th victim, guess who will go through a complete personality change, guess who will die at the end and how — you'll guess all of it correctly, and you'll probably also notice at least two of the four blatant plot holes), and yet it's still oddly entertaining, and there's still lots of suspense, which I guess is due to Mann's taut direction and solid acting of Jamie Foxx (and Mark Ruffalo in a supporting role). The one slight disappointment is Tom Cruise, who looks a bit like a Richard Gere clone and is rather miscast as Vincent the killer, but then he's miscast in pretty much every movie he's been in, so that's not particularly big news. All in all, Collateral is quite watchable.

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laura said on September 27, 2004 12:54 AM:

The trailer is for "The Forgotten," which I had to see with my husband and daughter Sat., despite the bad L.A. Times review, because they wanted to see it. It was dumb, with a tenth the imagination of even one "Twilight Zone" episode, but the actors are worth watching. Beautiful New York City vistas, just like "Collateral" had lovely nighttime L.A. scenes.

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