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August 26, 2004

Totally unrelated stuff

What's this then — the Blair Digicam Project? Well, creepy it is. Look closely and you may see more than you wanted to see. [via Hebig #2].

Konstantin mentioned Tyneham yesterday, so I thought I should mention Döllersheim today. A striking parallel, except for the fact that the inhabitants of Tyneham left voluntarily, whereas the inhabitants of Döllersheim were forced to leave. None of them were ever allowed to return. [Both links in German].

And people will probably never be able to properly distinguish between Austria and Australia when such a fine athlete as Australian-born Kate Allen wins the first gold medal for Austria at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Congrats, Kate!

Oh, and lastly, in case you didn't know — I'm apparently schizoid. Which is of course the reason why I'm writing totally erratic weblog entries about totally unrelated stuff. Which Personality Disorder Do You Have? [Quizilla via baronesse]

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